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Race 1 1,730KB

The first race of the evening, 4 jacks under driver power, Spag, Ade, Olly S & Phil (I think), with Rob driving Olly Smiths car after us & Sneeker on camera

Race 2 1,812KB

For the second race 'virgins' (novice drivers) were required, though somehow I think Ade slipped in amongst them ! Spag running backwards with camera doing commentry.

Winning Interview 1,052KB

A few words from Siftah after his first glorious victory!.

Race 3 1,506KB

Race 3 saw the official addition of 'pushers' to propel the virgins for an added element of danger. First race with a random virgin from the audience!

Race 4 1,628KB

New improved 'reversomatic-Olly's car' floodlighs introduced for better visibility of the leaders, and the potential to clear the track of spectators with his rear bumper !

Race 5 528KB

The pushers are getting to the swing of things with much faster sprints down the hill. A close race with Paul only loosing out, because I kind of pushed him into the kerb :-)

Race 6 676KB

Fast start, with Ade & Paul M looking good, until Ade's crash, then Sneaker takes 2nd place, and Ade slides into 3rd.

Race 7 388KB

The Sneaker powered Spagley hurtles towards the line with Ade just taking the line!

Race 8 454KB

In the last race of the night, Olly's car is almost impaled by Ade's jack handle as Spag blasts him down the hill, team Minimission crash 1/2 way and retire..


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