Doing the porch, and the conservatory.


Before... (2007)

Earliest pics of porch & conservatories with the wooden half still intact - sadly it doesn't include the scabby aluminium framed windows & doors of the dogatorium (the left hand bit) which was ripped down almost immediately, on the grounds of good taste.

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After... (After proper sorting 2010)

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Erm - during?

Conservatory after some fixery in Aug '07

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DIY porch work, April 2010


27/04 Old chewy soft wood stuff removed, and floor raised.

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02/05 Bricklaying in the rain, just bricklaying in the rain....

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Slowly & tediously, the wall got higher. Zzzzzzzz.

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09/05 But it finally looked like a real wall that could have been there for ages!

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25/06 While waiting for the custom joinery, we sort of had a little look at conservatories, and sort of arranged for one to be installed, so had to get rid of the old one fairly sharpish...

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Smokey wasn't looking too convinced once his bedroom had been taken down though !

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28/06 All clear ready for the groundwork, with the wall given a couple of licks of paint.

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30/06 Bricks arrive,    

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01/07 And so does a classy balcony, and a little bit more concrete slab.

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Which had a Pickle visit before it was set !

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03/07 Saturday morning, the bricklayer gets to work - and seems to be able to stick them together in nice heaps somewhat faster than we can !

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09/07 The bespoke door & window stuff arrived, late on Friday, and only took Sunday to fit - hurrah for made to measure woodwoorkery !

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The conservatory blokes were most bemused when they came back after to find we had slapped a spangly new door in ourselves ;)


06/07 The walls are done

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19/7 After a short wait, the plastic arrives, and springs up quite fast in just one day!

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20/07 Ooo, we have a roof.

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21/07 All the construction is done.

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22/07 In goes the floor.

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 So all it needs is furniture and flowers!

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(And some tiles)









July 2010