Side Scoops

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May 2022

The new scoop things take flexi ducts which sould make it easier to get cold air to the radiarot and reduce the amount of unwanted water pooling where it shouldn't. Unfortunately they aren't quite the same size as the old ones, so a bit of work is needed...

The previous holes need a bit of editing, so out with the cardboard to make some templates.

A bit of work needed to finish the corner of this quarter panel. who knew that a spare A panel would have the perfect curve for the end of the rear arch!

Getting there.

Fill, sand, fill, sand...

This handy bit of downpipe should shove in the hole, so I can mark where to cut the new inner bulkhead bit. This is way easier than trying to calculate how a circle will intersect a panel with a 90 degree bend :)

The secret to marking was to cut the end of the downpipe to match the corner, then blast some black spray paint through.

Rough holes chupped with the plasma cutter.

Not the most cramped work space, but still a bit fiddly to get the panel in place !