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June 2022

Before getting too involved with prepping the shell for painting, I had been looking at the cost of car rotator jigs and came to the conclusion that with a bit of thought it shouldn't be too hard to repurpose the engine stand and engine crane to allow access to the underside of the shell...

 It starts with a T bar to go between the rear shock mounts.


 This is beefed up and bolts to the reinforced boot floor where the tow bar fits, and will attach to the engine stand.

Up front a scrappy subframe is attached, then brutally edited with the plasma cutter.

A useful collection of precision cut parts. (Well technically 'precision' may be pushing it a bit.)

That's the front dangler mount sorted.

One quickly invented sliding height adjuster to allow the COG to be set for smooth rotation.

A quick mod to the engine stand for another sliding adjuster.

The astute viewer will spot that the engine stand has a subtle extension to increase height.

Initial tests look promising


Making a proper stand for the front end will make everything more stable than dangling it from the crane, and will take up less space too !

I'm almost proud of the TIG efforts for the rear adjuster. It's all straight with good penetration and it's not super ugly.

Job done. That will make life so much easier !


The Upside-Down-A-Tron in action...