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Sundry pictures of the V8Micra being dismembered 26/27th October 2002.

HQ12.JPG (56431 bytes) HQ15.JPG (55919 bytes) HQ17.JPG (57967 bytes) HQ19.JPG (54383 bytes)

HQ20.JPG (53871 bytes) HQ21.JPG (57967 bytes) HQ23.JPG (53871 bytes) HQ26.JPG (55407 bytes)

HQ33.JPG (45679 bytes) HQ37.JPG (49263 bytes) HQ39.JPG (54895 bytes)

HQ40.JPG (33903 bytes) HQ41.JPG (37487 bytes) HQ43.JPG (48239 bytes) HQ44.JPG (41583 bytes)

HQ45.JPG (53359 bytes)

A few divx'ed avis of the slightly chopped V8Micra

Running rough with mild wheelspin 1268kb

Start up with Fairy liquid & water in the exhausts 1220kb

Mild smoky wheelspin 624kb

BIG smoky wheelspin 1156kb

General drivebys 1408kb



















All .avi files compressed using the DivX codec. Download v3.11a here 701kb