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6th-7th August - Doris at Southen Mini Days - Castle towing.

Scriv brought Doris on another trundle down to Kent and after fixing a wobbly wheel bearing, spent the rest of the weekend towing the Amoc castle around the showground, stopping for the occasional battle along the way...

LINK TO PICS TO FOLLOW - When I get a zip of them ...


13th-14th August - More van painting

Top coat went on at the weekend so it'a all looking nice and grey now :-)

Pievan Paint2


20th-21st August - MITP

As ever a good show, with stunningly hot weather, stuck between a rainy Friday and a rainy Monday - How lucky is that !!

No Doris due to a problem with  the starter ring gear :-(  but Stubbo had managed to get his V8 together enough that there was one Mini with a Princess gearbox at the show :-). It's looking really good in the newer shell and was driveable enough to get around the showground, although without a buklhead between the engine and seats it soon got quite hot !!!

Visit Stubbo's V8 Mini Website - He now has some vids of the car being driven.


22nd August - Pievan Signs

After much research and deliberation I think we have finally settled on the basic design for the van graphics, hopefully not too chavvy ;-)  Show me the Show me the PieSigns



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