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Erm, this is a sort of scrapbook of scans from magazines - recently re ordered so that new stuff arrives at the top :-)


Doris seems to be appearing in most issues of PPC on the back issues / subscription page ;-)

ppc-back-issues.jpg (103461 bytes)

Doris & polish in the same item !!!

ppc-19-05_feb.jpg (98973 bytes) Practical Performance Car Feb 05 page 19

Pievan in print

ppc-121-05_jan.jpg (337956 bytes) Practical Performance Car Jan 05 page 121

Doris. Front page and centerfold?

ppc_cover_04_aug.jpg (132158 bytes) Practical Performance Car Aug 04 Front Cover !!!

ppc_30.jpg (371202 bytes)ppc_31.jpg (421254 bytes)ppc_32.jpg (299506 bytes)ppc_33.jpg (433649 bytes)ppc_34.jpg (292629 bytes)ppc_35.jpg (404779 bytes) Practical Performance Car Aug 04 page 30-36

ppc_trail_04_jul.jpg (123358 bytes) Practical Performance Car Jul 04 page 146.

minimag_sub1.jpg (97811 bytes) Mini Magazine Nov 03 page 69.

mw_03_nov.jpg (106171 bytes) Mini World Nov 03 page 113.

pc_v8_cc.1jpg.jpg (140359 bytes) Practical Classics Oct 03 page 19

minimag_mitp1.jpg (96937 bytes) Mini Magazine Oct 03 page 34

pc-v8_1a.jpg (137804 bytes) Practical Classics Sept 03 page 26

minimag_2.jpg (100410 bytes) Mini Magazine Sept 03 page 99

mm_10_02.jpg (209240 bytes) Mini Magazine Oct 02 page 77


Admittedly these photos look like they were probably taken from a spy satellite, but I have to include them if there's a Doris or Spag in there somewhere don't I ??

telegraph_230899b.jpg (242951 bytes) Daily Telegraph 23rd August 1999

mw_11_99.jpg (268447 bytes) Mini World Nov 99 page 97

mw_10_98.jpg (215406 bytes) Mini World Sept 98 page 38


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