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NOTE AVI files compressed with the DivX codec, free from
Jan 2001
V8 on sack barrow almost starting
394kb avi
Plug leads mixed, blowback through carbs
458kb avi
Finally starting with an open pipe
676kb avi
Start & short run in the shed
1070kb avi
Start & fast idle in the shed
600kb avi
Jan 2002
Rebuilt engine through a single pipe
252kb wav
Feb 2002
Front & rear, engine running in car (in the rain)
910kb avi
Rattling, steaming engine bay
1236kb avi
Running on twin pipes (clipped as mic too close)
403kb wav
Mar 2002
Trial run with Megasquirt DIY ECU
780kb avi
Apr 2002
Fuel pump, rad fans, start up, CO level & temp
1268kb avi 
287kb wav
May 2002
Just idling - front & rear, twin pipes
1078kb avi
92kb wav
Gratuitous revving recorded from inside & out
1484kb avi
 435kb wav
V8Mini's first move under power
2004kb avi
Jun 2002
Wheelspin on the drive
1550kb avi
Driving by with nice noises
830kb avi
Dec 2002
Dashboard ride
1682kb avi
Elaine's first time
1022kb avi
Inside car 1st - 2nd gear
1618kb avi
Inside car 1st-2nd, faster
490kb avi
Inside car 3rd gear pull away
770kb avi
Outside car 1st - 2nd, some wheelspin
434kb avi
Outside car 1st - 2nd, no spin :-(
460kb avi
Outside car 1st - 2nd, much spinnage :-)
634kb avi
Feb 2003
Drive by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, downhillish.
1038kb avi
Drive by 2nd gear, up hill, a bit spinny.
1042kb avi
Drive by, up hill, 3rd gear THROBBY.
880kb avi
Quick 1st & 2nd with a little spinning.
560kb avi
Mar 2003
Twin exhaust idle & rev
39kb wav
Single exhaust idle & wav
42kb wav
Single exhaust - from further away to reduce distortion
82kb wav
June 2003
Driving by on the flat, then accelerating up hill
1648kb avi
Doris running with lots of visitors at Bromley Pageant
1518kb avi
Will Holman's V8 Capri at Bromley
832kb avi
July 2003
Ed overtaking Doris, Doris speeds up
752kb avi
Ed & Doris overtaking each other
2058kb avi
More overtaking + a bit of roundabout, shot  from inside Doris
2804kb avi
Exhaust with single thin silencer near front and twin exit pipes
760kb avi
152kb wav
The Beast, Andy Leach's van
1596kb avi
Cunning Plan at Avon Park
1320kb avi
Aug 2003
Mad Frank's Belgian Beast - rev & idle
1486kb avi
Belgian Beast in exhaust sound off
686kb avi
Doris in the exhaust sound off
1194kb avi
Crackly revvin at Mini In The Park
674kb avi
10 sec 1/8 of a mile up gentle hill
1182kb avi
Sept 2003
Testing radiator airflow with a smoke machine
1656kb avi
Nov 2003
Boot fans working with flappy ribbons.
1980kb avi
Jan 2004
What Ed sounds like driving at 50mph (3000rpm)
240kb avi
What Doris sounds like driving at 50mph (2500rpm)
232kb avi
Doris takes a spin in the snow (sorry about Elaine's swearing!)
396kb avi
Feb 2004
Keeping Doris quiet for the neighbours
462kb avi
Apr 2004
Doris accelerating up a dusty hill, then coming back down
1638kb avi
Drive by on flat, 3rd gear
446kb avi
Drive by on flat 4th gear
706kb avi
May 2004
Good example of the V8 in 1st - Doris  moving like a Mini, but not sounding like one !
1756kb avi
June 2004
Slow idle - 650 rpm :-)
996kb avi
Aug 2004
LOW ANGLE 95sec tour of the IMM - with a scary bit of torque steer by Rob !
3352kb avi
Good Morning 'Parasol' tour.
2410kb avi
Short 'flat pack' tour just before leaving the IMM.
1766kb avi
Feb 2005
4 Barrel Throttle Body test
1250kb avi
Apr 2005
Scriv scaring friend in garage
444kb avi
Jun 2005
Scriv driving Doris
1096kb avi
Uphill driveby
1170kb avi
Downhill driveby
1228kb avi
Uphill (straight at Spag) torque steer testing !
1708kb avi


NOTE AVI files compressed with the DivX codec, free from


NOTE AVI files compressed with the DivX codec, free from

Diy fuel injection by MEGASQUIRT

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