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Oktobertest (2001)


Having made some prototype adaptors to hold the block and gearbox together, I chomped some more out of the subframe and lowered the engine & gearbox into place (approximatly)

Apologies for the low quality of the pics on this page

This picture shows the Princess gearbox sitting where the side of the subframe used to live.


Come on, you can't tell me that it's too big, can you ?


Well OK, I suppose I do have to try to get the exhaust manifold in the little gap between the engine and the bulkhead. It is also conceivable that the plugs on the rear bank may be 'fiddly'.


The Landrover 101 exhaust manifold as fitted to the front bank is very slim, so should fit down the back when the engine drops another inch and tilts forwards slightly. The front of the subframe needs a bit more trimming to get the alignment right.


Another pic of the exhaust manifold, technically this is a left hand one, but I think the pipr routing should be easier, turning down from the flange then back under the crank pulley. The crank & pulley are not fitted, but the pipe will go through the gap under the horizontal bit of plywood above the subframe.


Fitting the wings shows the need to drop the front of the engine about an inch and a half so that the rocker cover ends up in the traditional place, beneath the bonnet!

The DCNF should end up with just the air filter above the bonnet. I am still undecided about fitting a scoop over it or leaving it open.


The slam panel will need to be releived to allow the rocker cover to fit.


It almost fits, I think that 30 mins with the angle grinder should allow the engine & box to sit in place properly, then maybe a day with the mig and some steel to reinforce the subframe .


Last job of the weekend was to modify the cut up twin SU manifold to take one of the Weber DCNF carbs.

A 5mm thick aluminium spacer was drilled and tapped for carb mountings then had 40mm holes cut in line with the barrels. Then I drilled and tappet the manifold to take the plate, Elaine was then employed to mix up some Devcon Aluminium Epoxy (25 for 500g !!). This is used to seal up the water channels exposed by cutting the manifold and to fill the step between the different port shapes. When this is all set I will attack the ports with a grinder to make it all smooth and nice :-)


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