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Saturday morning fun with gaffer tape, cardboard & some round nosed scissors ??

A cardboard bonnet scoop is quick to make, but may be a bit of a fire hazard !

A cardboard dashboard on the other hand is perfectly acceptable (as long as your passenger can repeatedly redraw the speedo needle in the right place)

Later in the day the webcam actually caught me doing some work.

The huge cylinder bodged onto the MIG with a bit of hose pipe (yes - through a regulator) is nice industrial Argon/CO2 welding gas that provides much better shielding than the crappy disposable bottles - blag a big one if you can!

The MIG also has 3x 220v fans from a 19" equipment rack gaffer taped on underneath to keep it cool. No overheating after 45 mins of continuous use welding the 4mm thick box  together for the Imp.

The twin exhaust system with the 'new wiggle' fitted to get past the gear change stuff.

Both rods on the gear change needed to be cut & welded to put the stick where I wanted it, luckily the shafts stay in line so no bends or universal joints were needed.

The body of the gear change sits against the passenger side of the tunnel, and leans towards the drivers side so the top of the stick ends up where it used to. The twin 2" pipes are a tight fit, but sit no lower than than the old RC40 system :-)

There will be a couple of bits of stainless steel flexi pipe to link up with the down pipes which stop between the two holes shown on the bottom of the gearbox.

The hole in the boot floor has been edged with 20mm box to provide a flat rectangular hole for playing with radiators. These two Metro fans sit in quite well ready to suck air down through the rad.

The tunnel has only been extended about 15mm towards the drivers side, certainly not enough to interfere with the drivers feet. 


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