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First job was to remove the metal cowl thing and trim the edges of the hole in the bonnet.

01_plenum.jpg (23502 bytes) 02_plenum.jpg (21190 bytes) 03_plenum.jpg (19090 bytes)

Then the smooth (only took about 5,000 hours to make) scoop was plopped on top so I could make sure that the lumpy bulge would fit completely underneath.

06_scoop.jpg (21068 bytes) 07_scoop.jpg (22285 bytes) 05_scoop.jpg (17061 bytes) 04_scoop.jpg (22867 bytes)

I wanted to make the bulge follow the plenum contours but needed to leave a bit of a gap to allow some air flow. So the top of the engine was covered with a few layers of thick cloth (curtains). A layer of bin bags provided a reasonable surface to start building the fiberglass on .

08_blob.jpg (26153 bytes) 09_blob.jpg (27592 bytes) 10_blob.jpg (28744 bytes) 11_blob.jpg (22991 bytes)

With the first layer of matting in place the bonnet was closed, remembering that if the resin goes astray then it may never open again! Then I added 3 more layers with lashings of resin in between. When the final shape is reached I will add another layer or two to the underside of the bonnet to tie everything together.

15_blob.jpg (19361 bytes) 14_blob.jpg (15311 bytes) 13_blob.jpg (17232 bytes) 16_blob.jpg (19881 bytes)

With a quick coat of primer the lump looks about right, but it will need a bit of filling and smoothing to get the shape I am after, then with a coat of yellow, and maybe some stretch marks it will be somewhere near :-)

19_blob.jpg (20540 bytes) 18_blob.jpg (19766 bytes) 17_blob.jpg (17809 bytes)

As a last thought, I may drill some holes in the front, and possibly use some mesh to get some airflow across the plenum top for cooling, but we will have to see.........




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