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Yep, the engine is in bits (again), this time to check general condition and replace bearings due to low oil pressure problem.


The prototype (mild steel!) gears show very little wear after about 500 miles, so they will stay in for a bit longer I think.....

04_pinion.jpg (26415 bytes) 05_pinion.jpg (21790 bytes)

Engine resting upturned in the garden while having big & main bearings changed.

03_bottom.jpg (25737 bytes)

In what could only be described as a burst of rational thought, I decided it was time to scrap the badly welded sandwichy block/box adapter and make nice solid 'real' one from 3mm steel plate. Then there was the radical concept of using proper gasket paper instead of orange goo......

01_eng_box.jpg (19627 bytes) 02_gasket.jpg (20940 bytes) 09_box_gasket.jpg (26944 bytes)

The transfer adapter, while looking ugly, doesn't need to be reworked (at the moment anyway).

10_transfer_plate.jpg (23445 bytes)

TIP !!! Use your engine hoist to get the car on to axle stands, it's far funnier than using a jack !

16_hoisting.jpg (28789 bytes) 

Extra mods to the subframe. As one of the pot joint boots had become a bit abraded (shredded) by rubbing on the flangy edge of the driveshaft hole in the subframe, I ground them flat

 17_sub_mod.jpg (27316 bytes) 18_sub_hole.jpg (21102 bytes) 19_sub_hole.jpg (23879 bytes)

TIP !!! Use a spanner from one of the clutch cover bolts to one of the housing bolts as an easy way to lock the flywheel while doing up the crank bolts. Far nicer then the old 'screwdriver in the ring gear' trick.

11_fly_tip.jpg (27780 bytes)

The old clutch release bearing shows a few more mm of wear than should really be allowed, and a nasty crack in the casting. Hooray for finding a clutch kit on Ebay!

12_bad_release.jpg (17540 bytes) 13_good_release.jpg (16410 bytes)

The old cover is considerably scabbier than the new one too.

14_old_cover.jpg (19592 bytes) 15_new_cover.jpg (31785 bytes)

Lump news. The shaping on the bulgy lump thing is mostly done now, but maybe we need to draw on some stretch marks to help the illusion of 'engine pushing up through bonnet' ??

06_lump.jpg (19238 bytes) 07_lump.jpg (15253 bytes) 08_lump.jpg (15693 bytes)


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