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Finally after a bit more 'revision' the beer barrel or keg-tech fuel tank is actually ready to fit !!

01_barrel.jpg (39668 bytes)

4 bits of metal fuel pipe were cut to length, then brazed into 8mm holes, and finally covered in epoxy to protect them.

There are 2 different length pickup pipes so that  when the higher one starts sucking air, I can switch to the low one and run on the 'reserve' while looking for a petrol station ! (Ok, maybe a gauge would be more sensible!). The other 2 connections are for the fuel return, and a vent to allow air in.

02_pipes.jpg (44091 bytes) 03_pipes.jpg (43453 bytes)

For test purposes, 1 feed has been looped back to the vent, and the pump output goes straight back into the return. This allows the pump to be checked without p155ing petrol around.

05_pipes.jpg (49849 bytes) 06_pump.jpg (41125 bytes)

A couple of strips of steel were cut to make straps to hold the tank down, these have a loop at the rear end, which goes round a bit of 20mm box across the boot, and the other end has a sleeve for a tensioning bolt that will go into the floor somewhere.

07_strap.jpg (42015 bytes) 08_strap.jpg (36419 bytes)

The tank bolted in place. I was not convinced about the over centre clips on the access hatch, so I welded a jubilee clip on to make it more secure.

09_fitted.jpg (44284 bytes) 10_fitted.jpg (51529 bytes) 11_fitted.jpg (50797 bytes) 

When fully tightened the keg is very solid, and looks quite nice across the radiator when the boot is open !

12_fitted.jpg (43181 bytes) 13_bootview.jpg (43569 bytes) 15_bootview.jpg (50368 bytes)

Finally, I lobbed in the battery and connected the new radiator fans, and have provided evidence of them working :-)

16_curtains.jpg (43376 bytes) 17_curtains.jpg (46632 bytes) 1980kb AVI of fans

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