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Revised plan has the radiator and fans fitted directly to the boot lid, to allow easier access and so the beer keg can be shown off ;-)

Trial fit shows that it should all be pretty compact, although the bungee straps will need replacing with something a bit stronger! 

01_bootrad.jpg (42339 bytes) 02_bunge_rad.jpg (44485 bytes)

The existing fan cowling fits quite well, so it will only need a few 3" strips around the edge to make sure all the hot air goes out through the lid. The difficult bit is finding room for strong brackets that will still allow the boot to open and close freely.

03_rough_fit.jpg (47133 bytes)

The planned holes were somewhat ignored in the revised plan, but the 'small animal hutch' mesh from B&Q makes a top quality grill, but maybe it needs some neons to finish it off ??

04_rad_hole.jpg (48779 bytes)  05_rough_mesh.jpg (41581 bytes)


After a quick bit of cutting, welding & painting.......


Modified MR2 fans with a bit of extra cowling added for a better seal to the boot lid, and a bit of paint here and there.

10_fans.jpg (44048 bytes) 12_fans.jpg (40136 bytes) 11_fans.jpg (40181 bytes)

Brackets to hold the radiator, made from 20mm box, welded to the boot lid.

13_mesh_bracket.jpg (45980 bytes)

The revised fans bolted to the boot lid.

14_fan_lid.jpg (46516 bytes) 15_fan_lid.jpg (44007 bytes)

Then the radiator bolted on too.

16_rad_lid.jpg (45442 bytes) 17_rad_lid.jpg (48565 bytes)

In all it has ended up pretty compact.

18_rad_side.jpg (44821 bytes)

And looks somewhat better that  the trial fit !

19_boot_mest.jpg (49789 bytes) 20_boot_mesh.jpg (44628 bytes) 21_boot_mesh.jpg (42766 bytes)




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