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Having recently acquired a couple more bits of inlet manifold, it seemed sensible to do a proper comparison to show how much space is taken up by each.

It it also a chance to show off the new throttle body from Bill Shurvinton, a friend from the UK Megasquirt community who supplies MS kits & other goodies.


Rover - from flapper system.

01_rover.jpg (87931 bytes) 02_rover.jpg (81159 bytes) 03_rover.jpg (89015 bytes) 04_rover.jpg (80545 bytes)

Rover Thor.

05_thor.jpg (78827 bytes) 06_thor.jpg (82076 bytes) 07_thor.jpg (85738 bytes) 08_thor.jpg (72574 bytes)

Old scummy twin Strombergs - almost identical to twin SU.

09_su.jpg (57885 bytes) 10_su.jpg (79349 bytes) 11_su.jpg (89218 bytes) 12_su.jpg (91710 bytes)

Ooo, a rather nice looking 4 barrel throttle body appearing in the UK. Which should reduce Dorisses bulge a bit :-)

13_tb.jpg (56610 bytes) 14_tb.jpg (79592 bytes) 15_tb.jpg (88773 bytes) 16_tb.jpg (79577 bytes)

The carb is only wedged at this angle until I get the manifold spacer modified.

17_tb.jpg (95509 bytes) 18_tb.jpg (107536 bytes) 19_tb.jpg (67342 bytes) 

Slightly undersized K&N filter .

20_kn.jpg (76206 bytes) 21_kn.jpg (81268 bytes)

Or maybe keep the std Mini look ;-)

22_mini.jpg (59359 bytes) 23_mini.jpg (82570 bytes)

The 3 EFI systems side by side.

30_line_up.jpg (118498 bytes) 31_line_up.jpg (118735 bytes) 

View from the ends to show their respective heights.

32_comparison.jpg (103710 bytes) 33_comparison.jpg (112329 bytes)

Potential for a cheap bug catcher?

40_bug.jpg (73078 bytes) 41_bug.jpg (94242 bytes)

But remember to eat the chocolate orange bits first !

42_segsations.jpg (97117 bytes)


More pictures of the 4 barrel throttle body  and accessories





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