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Seeing as I have already got a spare Sierra axle courtesy of the V8Micra it has to be worth investigating the option of using it in the Pievan.

01_sierra_axle.jpg (37615 bytes)

There are however a couple of technical issues that need to be resolved to make it fit

1) It's about 8 inches too wide. 

02_van_axle.jpg (24877 bytes)

2) After narrowing the axle the inner swing arm pivots will virtually meet preventing the gearbox from fitting underneath :-(

To check out how much the swing arms will need to be modified the engine, gearbox and 1/2 arsed zorst mock-up were lobbed together in the garden for a bit of measuring .

 03_engbox.jpg (44013 bytes) 04_engbox.jpg (23428 bytes)

Then the engine & box were arranged on some stands, and the swing arm offered  up for, erm some more measuring !

05_trans_wheel.jpg (28155 bytes) 06_trans_wheel.jpg (27074 bytes) 07_trans_wheel.jpg (26662 bytes)

 Then the Pievan was put into a better position for another medical examination and possible surgery.

08_vanfloor.jpg (24826 bytes) 09_cage.jpg (23849 bytes)

Having removed a bit more unnecessary floor, the cut up axle was temporarily bolted in place. With the mounting points finalised, the alignment can be checked, and the inner pivots can then be refitted. After this the swing arms can be re-welded in their new improved narrow form.

10_axlefit.jpg (29935 bytes) 11_axlefit.jpg (32500 bytes)


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