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With the pile of manifolds I seem to have collected, there are a few different options on how and where to mount the supercharger. 

After much balancing of things, measuring and generally just looking, these are the final 2 short listed ideas...


Top blower...

01_top_blower.jpg (56513 bytes) 02_top_blower.jpg (48616 bytes) 03_top_blower.jpg (61652 bytes)  05_top_blower.jpg (61696 bytes)

The supercharger would bolt to an adapter spacer flange thing that in turn bolts to the modified Offenhauser 4bbl manifold, with reasonable room either side for the injectors. The only concerns are the limited support for the heavy supercharger, and no quick option for taking it out of service.


Offset blower...

06_offset_blower.jpg (66606 bytes) 07_offset_blower.jpg (55431 bytes) 08_offset_blower.jpg (67826 bytes)09_offset_blower.jpg (97066 bytes)

Supercharger sits on a bracket over the rocker cover, bolted to the block, using the std injection system. Throttle body is cut off the plenum and some flexi hose connects to the blower. With a quick bit of re plumbing the throttle body can be refitted to the plenum if the belt  fails

Belt & ducting could look a bit like this - but with nicer colours !!!

10_offset_blower.jpg (83848 bytes)



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