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Time to take out the running engine (no not while it is actually running) and replace it with the spare block and attached gearbox. When this is fitted, I will be able to finalise the location of the gearbox mounts which will complete the basic construction phase.


Step by step engine swap.

Open the doors. 

01_engine_in.jpg (50389 bytes)

The rear frame section unbolts and slides out, 

02_move_frame.jpg (41940 bytes) 03_frame.jpg (57073 bytes)

Leaving easy walk in access for the engine mounts & dangly chains.

04_engine.jpg (47377 bytes)

Jack up the shell, slide the engine trolley in... Drop the van down,  and wheel forward off of the engine.

05_jacked_up.jpg (52429 bytes) 06_out.jpg (56477 bytes)

Ooooo, a big empty hole!

07_empty.jpg (46565 bytes)

Prepare the next engine, and roll the shell back over again.

08_v8-un1.jpg (49123 bytes) 09_in place.jpg (47530 bytes)

Rear frame refitted, and box suspended with a webbing strap, prior to making the mounts.

10_eng_box.jpg (67104 bytes)



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