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Gear linkage development to make a simple rod change using the Mini gear stick and gubbins...

The infamous 'bit-o-wood' jig system was used to hold everything in place.

01_linkage.jpg (97714 bytes)

Mini gear stick facing wrong way round (until I knock out the fiddly pins and make the rod come out  of the other end...), with the reverse step ground out of the base plate.

02_linkage.jpg (91440 bytes)

Sleeve and bracket to keep rod steady and a crappy socket set wiggle (universal joint) - well I am not going to spend 40 each on nice Molart joints until I know the plan will work !!

03_linkage.jpg (84528 bytes)

Then another socket wiggle joint and a sleeve on the bellhousing adapter. 

04_linkage.jpg (85244 bytes)


The business end of the rod comprises of a high tech 'L' bend that goes through an eye bolt that has been precision cut and crushed to be a snug fit on the rod.

Fine tuning the travel of the stick to match the operating arm on the box was done by altering the height of the eye bolt on the arm to adjust the back/forward travel and the length of the L to adjust the left/right.

05_linkage.jpg (94413 bytes)

Kinky bit to get past the driveshaft.

06_gearkink.jpg (90351 bytes)

At this point the gear change is a little clunky, but all the gears can be found without too much trouble. 

The socket wiggles add a bit of slop and the sleeves are not yet greased, so it should be easy to improve the feel.



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