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Brief outline of the next V8Mini project.


'And then there were pies...'

So Mike says ' Spag, why don't buy the Pievan from me, it needs to be rescued coz it's being evicted from it's garage, and it would make a lovely huge engine bay'....

pievan.jpg (30284 bytes)

And it would have been a shame to let it go to waste, so Project Pievan was born. 

Renault V6 on Un1 transaxle would fit in the back with lots of room to spare

v6_transaxle1.jpg (34574 bytes) ultimav62.jpg (45762 bytes) ultimav61.jpg (47192 bytes)

But better still (from a noise point of view if not a BHP one) a Rover V8 on Renault UN1 transaxle would go in :-)

v8_transaxle1.jpg (46457 bytes)

Mmmmmm nice low mounted mid engined V8 Pievan!


(Full shell dimensions now in the tech files section.)

Maybe hung under a Sierra beam axle (when the diff is removed) ??

sierra_rear_axle1.jpg (89862 bytes)

More pics of the diff here

Another possible is the beam axle from an old BMW 3 series.

Project is currently in the planning / scrounging stage, but construction should begin in the spring :-) 



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Diy fuel injection by MEGASQUIRT

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