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Simple adapter to bolt the Rover V8 to the Renault UN1 Transaxle.

First a bit of 3mm plate had a flywheel sized hole jig sawed out, then 4 big bolts were put into the UN1 bellhousing, and the plate welded to the bolts.

01_plate.jpg (45797 bytes) 02_plate.jpg (45834 bytes)

The bolt holes for the Rover were drilled oversize to allow fine adjustment  and the bolts were fitted with large washers. 

04_holes.jpg (47233 bytes) 

When the input shaft & crank were aligned the bolts were tightened fully, and the washers  welded in place to 'set' the locations.

05_holes.jpg (50125 bytes)

All bolted together and dangling.

06_hanging.jpg (55071 bytes)

At present the block and box are a bit too close, but it will be easy to space the box off enough for the right clutch clearance.



With a basic method of connecting the V8 & gearbox in place, the rough dimensions of the flywheel and clutch were guessed, leading to the following creation :-)

It's a Land Rover flywheel, chamfered so as not to foul the UN1 bell housing, and redrilled to suit the clutch from a Puegeot diesel that happened to have the same splines as the Renault box (406 TD 2.1).

02_flywheel.jpg (76461 bytes)

The new release bearing is a tad too wide for the fork, so the old Renault bearing is going back in.

01_release_bearing.jpg (58418 bytes)



To get a good shaft engagement into the clutch (ooo er!!), the box actually needs to move closer to the engine, so some material needs to be removed from the front of the bellhousing.

Good job I had 90 minutes spare and a few spare hacksaw blades.

20_box-slice1.jpg (85135 bytes) 21_box-slice1.jpg (90304 bytes)

(Don't worry, I used a 17mm open ended spanner as a depth gauge to scribe a 'cut here' line around the outside first ;-)



After a bit of fiddling (which loosely comprised of accidentally knocking the splined center out of the clutch plate -shouting "bugger" a lot - then welding it back in), the block and box slipped together fairly easily.

51_adapter.jpg (95530 bytes)52_adapter.jpg (104816 bytes)

Splined bit looks fine welded back in, don't know what you're all worried about ;-)

49_clutchplate.jpg (98094 bytes)

How handy is that, 25mm box provides the perfect spacing - almost as if I had actually planned it ;-)

53_adapter.jpg (119737 bytes) 56_adapter.jpg (122182 bytes)

Shaft engagement (fnar fnar) looks really good and there's even space for the release bearing and fork. Yes I will be cleaning off the powdered aluminium from the earlier hacksawing.

54_adapter.jpg (115763 bytes) 55_adapter.jpg (87601 bytes)

The plate was clamped to a solid 1" thick slab of wood to stop it warping while welding the bits of box on. Tip - scorched cedar provides a pleasant scent for the shed.

57_adapter.jpg (86956 bytes) 58_adapter.jpg (77150 bytes) 59_adapter.jpg (89106 bytes)

With the box section 'spacer' bits in place the adapter was bolted onto the gearbox, then a band of 25x3mm steel strip was clamped, wrapped and welded  around the edge. Hopefully this will help prevent flexing in the adapter.

60_adapter.jpg (90216 bytes) 61_adapter.jpg (113284 bytes) 62_adapter.jpg (103534 bytes)

A bit more of the steel strip on the front of the adapter to hold the lower flywheel cover thing that sits behind the sump.

63_adapter.jpg (97457 bytes)

Ha ha, it still slips past the flywheel and sits nice and flat on the block.

64_adapter.jpg (98423 bytes)

All bolted together nicely, and best of all, turning the crank makes the output shafts go round :-)

69_adapter.jpg (94214 bytes)

With a bit of trimming , then a tickle with the grinder and cup brush, it should almost look passable !

65_adapter.jpg (114715 bytes) 66_adapter.jpg (109216 bytes) 67_adapter.jpg (118282 bytes) 68_adapter.jpg (116822 bytes) 



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