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Paul (of Thunder Races V8 Micra fame) popped down for the weekend and had a play getting Fiona's old engine running a bit better. After some mediocre results  using the twin Solex carbs they were finally lobbed off when they started p155ing petrol from the temp compensator. 

The replacement was the bodged manifold and Weber DCNF that had been used in early Doris testing (See - Carbs)

A temporary cooling system was bunged together but due to a v. leaky water pump, a permanent cold feed from the house was required. One benefit from this was that the overflow from the radiator made a nice supply of hot water for washing your hands with :-)

00_testing.jpg (42612 bytes)  Van running OK on the Weber, but sounding a bit lumpy.  540kb avi

Pievan sat up on the trailer for easy access, with long 'out the other side of the fence' exhaust system fitted to keep things quiet.

01_shelter.jpg (49059 bytes) 03_exhaust.jpg (44510 bytes)

Revving much more freely, but maybe a bit rich at times ? 1210kb avi

Small hint of flame from the exhaust... 1052kb avi

Nice crackly popping 918kb avi

Erm, more flames ? 784kb avi


Apart from the flames and the leaky water pump, which probably cancel each other out in the grand scheme of things, the only other problem was the nasty rattely noise that was hopefully not a broken rocker or stuck valve.

With the rocker cover off number 3 inlet valve wasn't doing much, so the rocker shaft, manifold and valley gasket came off to reveal a knackered lifter. Luckily the cam didn't seem to have suffered from the battering, so a spare lifter was popped in and everything refitted.

With the dodgy lifter replaced, the engine sounded really nice, but the fuelling still seems to be a little off...

05_flame1.jpg (43780 bytes) 06_flame2.jpg (48815 bytes) 07_flame3.jpg (48964 bytes) 

08_flame4.jpg (43700 bytes) 09_flame5.jpg (48046 bytes) 10_flame6.jpg (53251 bytes)

11_flame7.jpg (48459 bytes) 12_flame8.jpg (47085 bytes) 13_flame9.jpg (61591 bytes)

Lots of night time flames 1536kb avi

Conclusion is that the carb is probably a touch small for the V8, it idles really nicely, but the main jets are probably coming in a bit early when you rev it up. Seeing as we aren't going to be driving the van anywhere for a while I think it will do because it does provide quite a bit of entertainment :-)

And to think that some people spend money on all sorts of flamer kits, when a bit of carb adjustment will do just fine !!!




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