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I popped the glass into the rear doors, then assembled the random collection of hinge parts to make three pairs. Not ideal, but enough to for a trial fit of the doors to see how they look. It doesn't actually help the project, but seeing big bits fitted does give you the impression that you are getting somewhere ! 

01_doors.jpg (49157 bytes)

I doubt that the cable tie will make a very good substitute hinge part.

02_hinge.jpg (26830 bytes)

So a spare 'door' half has volunteered to sacrifice itself in the name of mechanical science...

03_spare_hinge.jpg (56604 bytes)

Two cuts with the hacksaw

04_cut.jpg (55518 bytes)

Then sit the bits together.

05_trial.jpg (38968 bytes)

Apply the MIG for 60 seconds, then allow to cool.

06_welded.jpg (59010 bytes) 07_welded.jpg (42927 bytes)

And chuck it on the van.

08_test_fit.jpg (41970 bytes)

Just need to replace the cable ties with a more permanent pivot.

Then the front doors...

** Coming soon **






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