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Painting of the Pievan shell firstly started with a nice coat of Nitromors.

This does give a nice textured finish, sadly it does sting if you touch the bodywork and would not be favourite with anyone in the car behind you having bits of your fizzing paint hitting them !

01_nuke.jpg (56240 bytes) 02_bubble.jpg (41309 bytes)

Shell looking mostly bare, waiting for a bit of rubbing...

03_bared.jpg (61488 bytes)

Now for the colour choice...


At Mitp45 we took a few pictures of various 'classic' colours as inspiration for the van...

01_blue.jpg (51883 bytes) 05_dustybule.jpg (48673 bytes) 02_white.jpg (37388 bytes) 04_greenish.jpg (35528 bytes)

08_fadevan.jpg (38356 bytes) 03_grotvan.jpg (36475 bytes) 09_wpvan.jpg (59482 bytes)

10_heritageclub.jpg (51083 bytes) 06_ltgrey.jpg (53650 bytes) 07_dkgrey.jpg (54922 bytes)

Looks like something grey would give a nice 'commercial' look,  just to be a bit understated ;-)


So the shell was etch primed to a nice matt green colour. Maybe almond green would have been nice after all ?

04_etchprime.jpg (77595 bytes)

But as we had already bought the paint, the grey want on. 

05_grey_shell.jpg (57360 bytes) 06_grey_front.jpg (67498 bytes) 07_grey_doors.jpg (47416 bytes)

The interior looks nice and clean, just waiting for nice simple centre  binnacle.

08_inside.jpg (59671 bytes)

Although the shell is waterproofed, there is still quite a bit of work to do to tidy up the rough filling a previous owner did on the de-seam. 

09_ruff_deseam.jpg (56101 bytes)


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