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Dec 05


The previous rear suspension design was of a semi trailing arm design, meaning that the pivot of the arm was angled to provide additional negative camber under compression, which seemed like a good idea at the time. However, the new 8" wide rear wheels mean that the arms need to be moved inwards to allow for the offset. So... to allow for future wheel size changes, the arms are going to be trailing with straight  pivots. Then different widths can be fitted by just moving the pivot brackets left or right.

The old arms were chopped & bodged together with straight pivots, then mounted on temporary brackets to work out the positioning for the hubs (and to keep the van mobile!)

10_test_fit.jpg (85384 bytes) 11_test_fit.jpg (92517 bytes)

The bellhousing template employed as a swing arm jig, with important measurements for pivots & hub taken from the old arm. 

15_plan.jpg (71342 bytes) 16_old_arm.jpg (74875 bytes)

A few bits of steel to show the position of the new HD rose joints.

17_laid_out.jpg (79811 bytes)

Rough layout of wooden chunks to make the jig.

18_blocks.jpg (74460 bytes)

Blocks screwed on,  steel cut and ready to weld.

19_jigged.jpg (68533 bytes)

Welded up, with a Scorpio hub carried attached. Further triangulation and a shock mount will be added later after a trial fit in the van

20_welded.jpg (85882 bytes) 21_welded.jpg (88742 bytes)

Both hubs on the 'axle jig' (yes I know it's another bit of chipboard!), with a hub in place.

22_both-arms.jpg (78083 bytes) 23_both-arms.jpg (96394 bytes)

Swing arms mounted and wheels on.

24_wheels_on.jpg (87159 bytes)

Suspension mounts roughly in place.

25_inside.jpg (92651 bytes)

I had been a bit unsure about the size of my rod end brackets (aren't we all), but looking at a couple of other things I think I am ok.

Pics of trailing arm from an autograss car

32_hub.jpg (64123 bytes) 33_arm.jpg (69300 bytes) 

Z Cars pics to show pivot brackets.

30_zcars.jpg (92576 bytes) 31_zcars.jpg (85542 bytes)


Here's how the van sits with the engine and gearbox back inside.

40_wheelsfl1.jpg (74060 bytes) 41_wheelsfl2.jpg (74150 bytes) 42_wheelsfl3.jpg (81271 bytes)




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