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A bit of a spring extravaganza really to kick start Pievan progress...

I still can't cope with how easy it is to roll the engine out of the shell :-)

01_engine out.jpg (61205 bytes) 02_engine out.jpg (56565 bytes)

To get the shell into a bit of shape Neil and I used the hydraulic ram from the engine crane to push the gutter seams back out while welding a spot of 25mm box along the inside. After a bit of filling and smoothing and painting and filling and smoothing etc I think it's looking a lot nicer.

03_less_wibble1.jpg (51941 bytes) 04_less_wibble_02.jpg (33985 bytes)

Main bulkhead in place and cardboard templates for other panels.

05_cabin_01.jpg (50534 bytes) 06_cabin_02.jpg (30654 bytes) 07_engine_covers.jpg (50674 bytes)

Cockpit feels quite homely with comfy MR2 seat, harness, pedals, steering wheel and test carpet on the bulkhead.

08_cabin_03.jpg (60528 bytes) 09_cabin_04.jpg (53596 bytes)

The engine bolted to the box with the trimmed adapter, bunged back into the panelled and painted engine bay.

10_engine_bay.jpg (65416 bytes)

An expensive driveshaft flange for the Renault box, and a pile of Ebay bargain ford Scorpio Lobro joints.

11_flange_lobro.jpg (50093 bytes) 12_lobro_spares.jpg (40284 bytes)

Trial bodged cut'n'shut Scorpio shafts

13_shaft_01.jpg (54697 bytes) 14_shaft_02.jpg (58817 bytes)

Van looking sort of OK :-)

15_pievan.jpg (53941 bytes)


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Diy fuel injection by MEGASQUIRT

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