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Sept 05 +


Septembers Super Ebay Bargain... 

A pair of unused 8x13 Wellers to fit Ford PCD ..... 10

Ideal for the back of the van :-)

Here's one after a coat of semi-matt black, next to another 13" rim.

01_weller13.jpg (77541 bytes)

The 175/50r13 A048 looks rather skinny doesn't it !

02_wide.jpg (56558 bytes)

The plan is to run with  some 205/60r13 or  235/45r13. To get an idea of how they look, here's a mid engined Fiesta on 235/50r13.

03_235-50r13-fiesta.jpg (109866 bytes)

In the further quest for wheels, I have acquired a set of four 8x13 in Mini PCD (with some slicks too) !

04_slicks.jpg (86744 bytes)

The slicks are 7.5", meaning they are about the width of a 195 tyre, and don't actually look too stretched on the rim.

05_048-slick.jpg (72874 bytes) 06_048-slick.jpg (77850 bytes) 07_048-slick.jpg (93748 bytes) 08_048-slick.jpg (88739 bytes) 09_048-slick.jpg (80736 bytes)

So, the cheaper Falken ZE502 in 205/60r13 looks like a viable option :-)

13_falken-502.jpg (43189 bytes) 14_falken-502.jpg (34214 bytes)

There had been the thought that the 8x13s may be used at the front of the van, but I think they are just a tad too wide to keep any semblance of a traditional look...

12_13inch-fat.jpg (104519 bytes)

So we will probably be going with the 6x13 or 5x12, then just set the rear wheels inwards to match the track width.

11_13inch.jpg (96264 bytes) 10_12inch.jpg (98825 bytes)

Oooo, just found that 215/50R13 can be got for a reasonable price, and reviews of these Kumho 712s seem quite good...

15_kuhmo-712.jpg (60922 bytes)

Final selection of tyres & wheels fitted !

21_wheelson.jpg (91767 bytes) 22_wheelson.jpg (88440 bytes) 23_wheelson.jpg (72720 bytes) 24_wheelson.jpg (82994 bytes)

6x13 on the front with 175/50r13 Yoko 048

8x13 on the back with 215/50r13 Kumho 712

Some pics of the 8x13 wheels with measurements..

31_weller_dims.jpg (120571 bytes) 32_weller_dims.jpg (105177 bytes) 33_weller_dims.jpg (119814 bytes) 34_weller_dims.jpg (65297 bytes) 35_weller_dims.jpg (79700 bytes)  36_weller_dims.jpg (100488 bytes) 37_weller_dims.jpg (97355 bytes) 38_weller_dims.jpg (101388 bytes) 39_weller_dims.jpg (94393 bytes)




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