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Oct 05


Found a set of TVR manifolds on the interweb for 70. They do have a certain 'oil pipeline' look about them, so I guess they are maybe not the latest design out of the factory ;-)

But they seem to fit quite well when put on backwards with the Y piece upside down ! 

01_zorst.jpg (76897 bytes) 02_zorst.jpg (89322 bytes) 03_zorst.jpg (91136 bytes) 04_zorst.jpg (65514 bytes)

After a bit more time with the hacksaw and MIG the system seems to be progressing.

05_zorst.jpg (72868 bytes) 06_zorst_under.jpg (75373 bytes)

Now with a 180 bend at the front and a spare silencer thrown in for effect.

07_zorst.jpg (87257 bytes) 08_zorst.jpg (63024 bytes) 09_zorst.jpg (72651 bytes) 10_zorst.jpg (74062 bytes)

Jan 06

Exhaust system back on the engine after a few minor repairs to the manifolds.

An Ebay Janspeed silencer just fits in without hitting anything :-).

20_zorst.jpg (106450 bytes)

Much to my surprise, the Y piece thing actually bolted in OK!

21_zorst.jpg (92371 bytes) 22_zorst.jpg (94349 bytes) 23_zorst.jpg (109267 bytes) 24_zorst.jpg (103910 bytes)

With the discrete single side exit pipe no one will know...

 25_zorst.jpg (77868 bytes) 26_zorst.jpg (69112 bytes)



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