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2nd Dec, HARDWARE !!

Visited Andrew Townsend, in Rugby, from the LRO list

Paid 175 quid for an SD1 and gearbox as fitted to a Landrover D110. Will be delivered in Jan (I hope)

4th Dec, EMAIL, Huw Scourfield

Hi Huw
Brain... ticking..... again.......
From what you have said it looks like the Princess box would provide quite a good basis, any idea how high the hens teeth / rocking horse poo factor is when trying to find one ???

Spag, princess box should  be dead easy to pick up, plenty about. 

Are any of the 'off the end' transverse boxes narrow enough  to be used in  a mini, or would the engine end up sticking out of the side of the wheel arch

The "end of engine" transverse pg1 (820/2l monty) gearbox is no bigger than the vauxhall 16V gearbox and I do know someone who used it with the 820 rover engine(as in my metro) in a mini clubman, but I wouldn't recommend it due to the overall width and weight. However the Peugeot 8/16V will bolt up to this  (820)  gearbox when using the "old" rover 218 diesel adapter plate and  provide an alloy engine which would be well worth trying IMHO. The princess box under a montego turbo engine would be interesting and probably not too difficult also.

How many of the 'not possible' combinations become 'a bit bloody awkward' if an adaptor ring is made to sit between the engine / clutch housing to sort out problems with bolt locations????

Basically the "not possibilities" come down to:-  engine rotating the wrong way, sump flange wrong length(height), or just not worth  the bother! There are some exceptions to this, e.g. the rover V8 CAN be made to fit the princess, a 1.8 Kseries will also mate to the metro 100(peuget derived) gearbox although how long either will last is debatable. IMHO the bolt on possibilities are sufficient without resorting to alloy fab/welding, but then look at Viku's  V8.


16th Dec, EMAIL, Marcel Chichak Lots of pics of  Landcrab engine/box bits

Er just looking at the practicalities of glueing different engines into the mini, it seems that the B series box can be stuck under quite a lot of things... (see attached chart )

Well, OK, if you really want the diagrams I'll scan them at work on Monday and zoom them off to you, BUT, you're barking up the wrong tree. The crab transaxle is not a model of compact design. The diff sticks completely out the back of the box so the overall length is greater than the Mini subframe. So, to hook up to the axles the power unit would be sticking half way into the grille screwing up not only your weight balance but also your polar moment. The thing is also really wide. The box casing is wider than the Mini box then you add almost another 12" of transfer case and clutch housing. And, it weighs a ton! I can barely lift the frigg'n thing. O'course I'm used to the wimpy Mini bits. Now, if were going to stick that thing in the back seat and make a RWD Mini, that's a different kettle of rotten fish.

Frankly, I think you'd be better off going to the wrecking yards that deal in newer models and poke around for a 1.5-1.7 liter FWD unit and see if that will fit the hole, complete with its own 5 speed box.

Landcrab engine pictures

20th Dec, HARDWARE !!

Bought an engine hoist for 150 quid

hoist.jpg (26235 bytes)

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