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20th May 2001, HARDWARE !!

Picked up a Weber 40DCOE32 at the London to Brighton for 40, mostly to check if it would be practical to cut the standard twin SU manifold to take a side draught carb, like on the V8 MGB.

2nd June 2001, ACTION !

Trial fitting of the princess gearbox into the 'test bed', this comprises of a complete front subframe & suspension, with a steel Clubby front end.

Subframe fitting pics

10th June, HARDWARE !!

Picked up a pair of matched Weber 40DCNF down draught carbs at Beaulieu for only 30 with the linkages, which was nice !

15th June, ACTION !

Due to the brain fade involved with trying to visualise the valve order I decided to write a 'V8 simulator' in Visual Basic.

Download just the exe (30k)

Download the full installer (1.4M) - needed if your PC doesn't have all the VB runtime stuff

Then spent a couple of hours playing with the twin SU manifold and the Weber DCOE & DCNF, then cut the top off the manifold, because I am like that.

Manifold mayhem

24th June, ACTION !

Flywheel development.....

The main body of the princess flywheel is to be retained, but a V8 flywheel will be sacrificed to make an adaptor boss to mate it to the V8 crank.

This is because the flywheels use different bolt centres for the fixings onto the crank. The flywheel also needs to be spaced off of the crank due to the thickness of the adaptor plate between the block and the transfer housing.

v8_fly.jpg (100k)

A 'proper' drawing with dimensions will be produced soon (honest).

24th June, ACTION !

Here it is, as promised, a proper dimensioned drawing of the flywheels

fly.jpg (183k)

** WARNING NOTE ** THIS DESIGN SCRAPPED !!!!! ! (10/10/2001)

1st July, STOP !!!

All work stopped for a bit to allow Elaine & I to get married on 18th August

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