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17th August, Email

How about this, the day before I am getting married, I get an e-mail, from a like minded fool.


I came across your site after looking at g'boxes to fit a Rover V8 into a Hillman Imp. I'm rather put off by the usual VW or Renault 21 conversions, and after dribbling over Vika Perala's transaxle conversion I had to find more....which led to your page. ......would you consider making up another set of adapter plates for sale if you get that far??!!!! I can see the obvious merits of converting the princess box, and with the imp, I could probably convert the princess drive shafts to mate up with the std imp rear suspension.. Please e-mail me back. I would love to talk further about your project.. Damian.

As a result Damian has now been added to the Transverse V8 development team, hopefully we can share ideas & materials to speed up progress and cut costs !

21st September, HARDWARE!! (Damians)

Spag, After a great deal of hassle, I have stripped a very low mileage recon box (gold painted) off of an '83 princess 1700cc. ...I think the physiotherapy I now need is going to cost more than the 30.00 I paid for it. Damian.

Ooops, guess who forgot to mention how heavy the Princess engine & gearbox parts are erm and just how awkward they are to remove !

But it does seem that 30 is an average price for the box!

25th September, Email

Ian, I know you have had probably 100's of e-mails regarding your attempt to recreate Vikku's Rover V8 Clubman but....surprise,surprise, ...I would really love some further information. I have checked out your website (Shit Hot by the way!!). Pleass,Please,Please can you provide me with any drawings etc detailing the work required to modify the Mini Subframe to accomadate the V8 Engine and Princess Box??? Any other info would be greatly appreciated. Andy.

And lo, several mails later Andy seems to have joined the collective too. Hopefully bringing some usefull skills and resources from his aeronautical background!

 In the meantime Damian is looking at some engineering companies for the manufacture of a suitable CWP set for the diff, hopefully getting 2 sets done together should save us some money!

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