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2nd-3rd November, Action - Gearystuff.

With the engine together it was time to open the gearbox and swap the diff crown wheel and pinion for the trial set.

Much to my surprise, having remembered the backwards thread, the pinion nut came undone without needing to resort to the 3 foot breaker bar usually required for gear bits! The diff housing came off of the box quite easily and after a mild hernia lifting the diff out, the crownwheel unbolted and separated OK. The retaining plate for the 3rd motion bearing needed a little 'fettling' to clear the pinion, but  apart from that everything slotted back together quite nicely.

Diffy box pics

Also found a bit of time to chop some more micra up..

9th November, Action - Rebuild

Stuck the engine, gearbox & transfer box back together, then lobbed it into the car.

Played around with the bonnet scoopy thing and having finally decided the shape is OK started the perilous stage of actually making the mould. Covered the pattern with some release wax stuff then added a few layers of resin & fiberglass mat stuff.

17th-18th November, Action - Brace bars & moulds

With the engine refitted I started tidying up odd bits of welding and decided to remake the brace  bars holding the subframe.

The old bars were 1.5mm thick 20 mm box, but I fancied something a bit stronger so made the new ones from 2mm thick 25mm box. The mounting plates to the shell have also  been upgraded to 3mm thick steel. Next step will be to reinforce the floorpan and solid mount the bottom subframe mounts.

Had slightly less success with the scoop, as when I tried to get the pattern back out of the fiberglass a few chunks remained :-( Seems like I had not used enough release wax so there is an hours sanding to get the extra bits back out!

Brace bars & mould pics

23rd-24th November, Action (it's becoming a habit again...)

Spent some time on Saturday finishing the wiring & plumbing and made a new bolt on bracket thing to hold the front radiator. After a bit of brain fade on the HT lead order I got the engine running again... Hmmm nice v8 noise :-)

On Sunday it was operation Pievan Recovery. 

The Pievan has now moved to it's new home and is eagerly looking forward to having a V8 shoved in it's rear (prob'ly), but I told it it would have to wait until Doris is finished

Pievan page updated with some pics of the shell


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