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12th October. Action ! (about bloomin' time)

Forgive me Father, for it has been almost a month since my last update - but I do have an excuse..

While mostly neglecting my current V8Mini duties I have been investigating a few ideas for the next project... Codename PIEVAN. Suffice it to say that should it materialise it will involve a V8 (a V12 was measured up but is just too big, *sigh*, so I guess that next years Darwin awards are out!). (More info soon)

Anyway, after another few weeks off I have finally managed to get back to some important V8 Mini stuff. The bottom end is at last built and torqued and seems to turn quite nicely, the rest of the main engine bits have been cleaned and are now lying all over the house waiting for a proper build session next weekend. 

Pics of stuff

20th October. Action (blimey).

Yes, I know in light of recent progress it's out of character, but for the second weekend in a row, I have been working on the V8!

So after a few hours of intermittent spanner wielding, the V8 is back together :-)

The plan was to get it back onto the gearbox, but I was foiled by the arrival of a prototype set of gears for the final drive.  So I need to strip the box to fit em in.

New gears are 2.7:1 which should give 85MPH at 4000rpm, much more useable than the existing 85 at 5500! It also means that 5500 on the new gears would be 117mph ;-)  

Build & gears

27th October, V8 stuff.

Did a little more V8 building for Doris, but spent most of the weekend with Paul dis-mentaling the V8Micra and making lots of noise :-)  As a result there are now a few more pics and vids at www.magicspanner.co.uk/v8_micra.

31st October. Update

Just a quickie to say that the new Project PieVan section has sort of gone online, with a basic outline of the next project. As the PieVan develops the site will grow around it (allegedly). Project PieVan

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