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13th June, Show Time!

Yep, it's the Hamstreet Festival of Speed Transport & Machinery again. Nice sunny day for sitting around with beer and looking at stationary engines.  Hmm, don't you just wonder what the old duffers in their flat caps would say if we turned up with a manky looking V8 bolted to an old pallet? I bet we could get away with it if it was pumping a piddly quantity of water out of shiny copper pipes, especially if we have a few horse brasses hanging off of it ;-)   Could we get away with this at a show?? Click for V8 Testing. Doris got  the usual bewildered looks from the classic car crowd, and a fair bit of attention from some of the owners of the American muscle cars.

All was fine & dandy until on the way home, 1/2 way up the hill on the A251 towards Challock the V8 cut out dead and she coasted to a stop on a bit of a scary blind bend. We used Ed to tow Doris to the top of the hill, then stopped to investigate. No spark, ooo - the Lumention sensor had come adrift in the dizzy, snagging on the optical chopper and pulling 3 blades off. Refitted sensor but she didn't really want to run on 5 with random fuel injection, so got Elaine to tow us the rest of the way home with Edward.

Click for the pics

20th June, Action.

Pulled the Lumenition bits out of the dizzy, fitted a set of points and a condenser then after a bit of fiddling with the timing got her running again. A quick test drive seemed to prove that there was nothing else serious wrong, so should only need a bit of a tweak to get her running nicely.


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