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3rd July, Doris In Print !!!

Got the July copy of Practical Performance Car magazine and Doris is in there, being trailed for next month's issue.

Seems like I will no longer be able to refer to the car as 'The car the magazines refuse to feature coz it's not shiny enough'. About time really, it's not a very snappy phrase !

<- click ere for a bigger one...

4th-5th July, Action.

A bit more test driving has shown up a minor missfire, nothing serious, just a bit annoying at part throttle. Wiggling the timing didn't help, but tweaking the dwell sort of changed it a bit.

Bah, pesky points! I will get some spares for the Lumenition and stick that back in, hopefully that will sort it out  :-)

8th July, Action.

Stuck in a new Lumenition chopper, set the timing, and as if by magic she runs like a dream again. Admittedly it is a bit  of a scary dream, but at least it's back to normal ;-)

10th July, Action.

Did a bit of tweaking and fettling to make sure she was running well, and managed to get a nice stable 650rpm idle...

Click here for pics & a vid

10th-11th July, Action.

An evening of drunken badminton and sundry foolishness, (some of which was encouraged by the 'staff' and competitors) followed by some late starting rally cross and a few parade laps...

Pics from the Lydden Hill Classic Car Display

24th-25th July, Action.

Secret trailer development . It's secret so I can't give any details ;-) !!!

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