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1st August, In The Press.

Nice start to the month, a small Doris on the front of PPC, and 6 pages inside complete with a nice BIG Doris !

ppc_cover_04_aug.jpg (132158 bytes) ppc_30-31_04_aug.jpg (1451036 bytes)

To read the whole article I think you are going to have to hunt down the magazine in WH Smiths, coz I am not uploading six A4 pages at 300dpi !!!

1st August, Action.

As Doris has a possible 'excess' of torque, a cunning plan was hatched to fit a tow bar. This also means that instead of just a tow rope, I can have a flat bed trailer with me, just in case the V8 explodes making it really easy for the AA to tow me home ;-)

Click for the tow bar & train??? pics...

7th-8th August, Showtime!

Southern Mini Days at the Paddock Wood hop farm. No attempt on the Top 40, no exhaust sound off, no gazebo walking. Just lots of sitting around the picnic table, eating drinking, and oh yes, visiting people!!! It's amazing the fun you can have with a tow bar and a trailer with magic flip up table top.

Pics of the picnic table complete with parasols.

14th-18th August, Action.

During a conversion with my Mum, she kind of volunteered to help with Dorisses new canvas soft top, which was nice.

The collection of new bits for the winter rebuild was checked, photographed and stuffed into the loft out of the way.

At last, a spare gearbox! After a horrid drive to Devon and back we are now the proud owners of a Landcrab gearbox, admittedly there's still a greet big B series on the top at the moment !

Click for pics of general stuff..

20th - 22nd August, International Mini Meet !!

The v. wet start didn't bode well, but it soon cleared up into a scorcher with cloudy bits.

Absolutely top weekend, with much V8 powered trailer rides, lots of friendly foreign types (how many Swedes are there on the trailer now ??) lots of booze and far too many burgers...

Congrats to the organisers, who didn't seem to mind the Amoc Tours 'Deathtrap Express' running a full service over the whole weekend. Only used about 15 in fuel around the showground !!!

Pics & vids this way

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