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2nd April - Shopping spree!

Pootled over to the kit car show at Detling and bought a big bundle of useful stuff... 4 x 'Dalek' type indicators, 2x flatter indicators, 2x flatter stop/tail, 2x plastic headlamp bowls & chrome rings, 4x big slabs of black carpet, 2x 5kg rolls of stockingy cloth stuff, 2x 5tonne ratshit straps, 16m of door seals, and .............. a pair of UN1/Lobro driveshaft flanges :-)


16th + 17th April - Work on Pievan resumes.

Spent about 15 hour over the weekend doing a variety of things on the van, and reminding myself what I need to plan/do/buy to keep the build moving along.

This is sort of what I did:- 

Finished welding internal side panels in, removed engine & gearbox, removed flip front, removed front subframe, removed steering rack, painted bulkhead & inner wings, refit rack (with 2 U bolts this time) , refit subframe (one top arm is stuffed and needs replacement), refit flip front, fit headlamps, fit indicators, fit grill (front almost looks normal now), set up rear  toe in, finalise driver position, fabricate brackets for 'spare' MR2 black 1/2 leather seats.

Bit busy to take photos, but will take some on the next session :-)

Scriv update.

Just a video of a little squeal after firing up Doris in the garage !



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