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4th March, DORIS IS SOLD !!!

Having proved the low cost FWD V8Mini concept, a decision was made in to concentrate on development  of the Pievan, so at the start of March 2005 Doris was exchanged for a suitable pile of cash, and now belongs to a mystery buyer...

For the continuing story of Doris under new ownership take a look at

4th March, Still More Snow.

Yep, the south east has been under snow for over a week now

Snow pics

7th March, New Toys...

I have recently acquired a couple of pairs of Honda CBR 900 throttle bodies which should make a nice independent throttle body set up, possibly for the van until the fabrication for the blower is sorted... 

Pics & specs

26th March, Doris leaves (*sniff*).

Finally the day arrived when Doris was shipped off to her new home, leaving the drive looking somewhat empty with only 2 Minis... But there's more room in the shed for Pievan development, and more time for Ed, Annie too.

Pics & stuff

26th March, Doris Arrives - Scriv's update.

So, here we are, my first update! It's been about a month since I agreed to be Doris' new keeper, but it's taken that long to put everything in place to make it happen. I'm well pleased, been grinning from ear to ear all day! 

Scriv's Update


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