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6th February, Action.

I got hold of a nice Offenhauser 360 manifold for some investigations with the new 4 barrel throttle body, and after a little deliberation, some careful thought, and, looking at the bloomin thing and thinking 'That'll look reet greet', I have started converting bits to fit into Doris.

Click for the pics

12th February, Action.

Finished fitting the fuel rail and throttle body to the Offey, so fitted the manifold to the engine, connected up the injectors and TPS.

Now Doris starts up and seems to rev quite nicely through the new toys :-)  (but only for a short while as I haven't connected the cooling system back up yet)

Pics and video this way...

23rd February, SNOW !!!!!

Big snow in the south east..

Pics here 




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