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3rd January, News.

The Lucas ECU in Doris has finally kicked the bucket, letting out the last of it's smoke (All Lucas components are rumoured to work on smoke, if this leaks out, then the component can't function anymore. So if you see the smoke escape, then chances are it will need replacement).

So another Megasquirt has been ordered, built and tested, both as a backup for Doris, and for some Pievannery.

I have also collected a few more toys for Doris and the van, so I guess I will have to get back to some V8 work soon !

Megasquirt / New Toys

9th January, 'Squirting !

Having spent most of the day driving about in Doris with Elaine and a laptop, the Megasquirt is really nicely dialed in :-)

Up until now the settings were useable, but with the odd stumble, and mediocre low RPM/high load performance. But since the Lucas ECU has finally croaked, it was time to get the MS sorted.

The smelly flappy air flow meter has gone, making a bit more space under the bonnet, and providing far more induction noise, which is nice!

Elaine's sooper tuning now means that the car will idle along in top(4th) at 800rpm, and happily accelerate from there with no stumble or misfire even on full throttle. With the 285 cam, the Lucas was not happy with full throttle at much below 1200rpm. We did manage to get Doris to pull from 500rpm in top, but with the light flywheel it was never going to be that smooth ;-)

Strangely I feel somewhat knackered, as trying to drive through every combination of RPM & load is not that relaxing !

See Squirting for a few pics and details of the MS settings.

22nd January, Mot time.

Doris failed her MOT on low rear brake efficiency :-(

Turned out that the bias valve had seized up and was not letting enough pressure to the rears. A quick visit to Rally Designs and about 50 later I was the proud owner of a nice Wilwood bias valve.

Valve fitted MOT passed :-)

30th January, EFI comparison.

Just found that one of the alternator mount bolts has sheared off in the head, which is a pain, so took the opportunity to remove a few sundry bits and pieces to get better access.

With the manifold off it seemed a good time to throw some of the spare manifolds on to compare their dimensions...

See EFI compare for the pics.




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