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"As can be seen, this weekend I got a bit over enthusiastic with the angle grinder. I suppose it was the culmination of a few weeks frustration at not being able to work on the project... (due to other mundane commitments). Dad...if you're reading this, I blew up your angle grinder...but bought you a smashin' new one...!

I suppose the 30x100x4mm box section should be strong enough, (especially as it probably all weighs as much as my pregnant wife). seriously, I am concerned about the imp's weight distribution; and I did actually consider putting another v8 in the front to even it all out but thought otherwise, as there wouldn't be any room for a large enough fuel tank.

Spag did a fantastic job with the welding. The pictures don't show all the pieces welded in, but it looked pretty solid by the time we finished three days of 'battleship engineering'. The reasoning for this is simple - I don't want to have to add extra stiffening later on when I add the nO2 and supercharger(!)

The last job of the weekend was to fit the subframe. This made the BLimp look a lot more like a project in progress rather than an abandoned donor car with it's guts ripped out. The BLimp really is the complete opposite ideology to a lightweight spaceframe full-race 1000cc imp. It's overweight, overpowered and will sound like a pi**ed of grizzly bear instead of an demented mosquito. The purists will scream and scoff, but the BLimp WILL go faster (at least in a straight line). I've yet to work out how it will go around corners... maybe a generous portion of negative camber will help (or a handy motorway barrier ;-)

Next job - fitting the engine... "








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