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6th July, Action.

Well, fairly limited action really, decided to have quite a quiet weekend. Sort of played about with odd bits of wheel painting and a bit of scoop shapery but that's about it. Hope to collect a set of pistons and rods in the week  so next weekend could be another rebuild (just for a change!).

13th - 14th July, Action.

Got a set of pistons & rods from Allan Ross from the Rover-V8 yahoo group (he keeps trying to talk me into a supercharger - but I am resisting !!), so spent the weekend putting things back together. It will just be a rough build so the engine can be run to check that everything works OK, then it will be stripped for new rings and bearings, and maybe even real adapter plates :-)

Everything went together, albeit slowly because it was a very hot weekend with too much very cold beer to tempt me. Finally got it all in and connected up mid afternoon so had chance to give the engine for a few 5 minute runs. No oil leaks from the adapter plates (I've got the hang of sealing them now), just slight dripping from one of the driveshaft seals. 

A few pics

19th - 21st July, Action.

OK sounds daft, but hang with me on this one, there's reason to the madness (prob'ly). The point of bunging the engine back together last weekend was so that it could be warmed up, flushed out then stripped. Oh yes, and to check that it would actually still run, in case there were any other major parts needed!

So (Friday), tipped some scary high detergent flushing stuff in and warmed the engine up, all sounding OK at low revs, but a bit of a big endy knock higher up. Not terribly rattley, but slow and regular so it's probably only one bearing that's gone.

Damian popped over to continue adding steel to the inside of the imp (probably enough to build a small oil rig now), so I took the opportunity to bundle him into the drivers seat so I could see  & hear what Doris is like from the outside. After a few short test runs in the car park I came to the conclusion that it just isn't right (even ignoring the big end knock). 

The car looks like a Mini, moves like a Mini (and p155es oil like a Mini), but sounds like a loud Range Rover. The exhaust sound is a delight as it pulls away, but after xxxx years of A series powered Minis my brain refuses to accept the combination. BRILLIANT! This will just be so entertaining at Mini shows ;-)

Did a quick run myself in first, with far too much throttle, and Damian confirmed that the lateral weight distribution is good as the black wheelspin marks were equal in length. Hope the neighbours didn't want a quiet evening...

Saturday, more scoop sanding. The scoop shape is really starting to work now, but as sculpture isn't my (or Elaines) thing it has been quite a steep learning curve. The worst thing is finding that you have got one side just how you want it, then realising you have to try to copy it for the other side! At the moment the basic shape is good, and the drivers side has the right shape, so all that is left is match the other side and fill in some small air bubble type holes.

Also decided that one of the wheels had to be stripped due to nasty paint reaction. The other three were fine just having the lacquer keyed with P240, then whire primer, orange & lacquer, however this one would not play. Most of it took the primer OK, but there were a few scratches in the surface that just went all bubbly and evil, almost like the lacquer under the surface was still tacky. A can of Nitromors should solve that little problem. Leaving one wheel out so that I can match the orange of the 4th wheel, I proceeded to lacquer the other two, quite heavily for a nice shiny 'wet' look, of using 3/4 of a can on each. *thinks.. really must get some proper spray gear*.

On Sunday I started to take the engine out & apart again, well I had to, it's what I do at the weekend !

With the inlet off it was a good opportunity to try the bonnet & scoop, to get an idea of proportions. After the minor hernia problems associated with a concrete prototype we were pleasantly surprised with the look of the thing - it may just work.

Delving further down into the engine we found the cause of the knock, two big ends  had got quite badly scored bearings with a kind of nasty overlapping thing on one of them. Judging from the size of the particles found in the bearings (about as big as Belgium) I think the new pump gears will have to go in along with the spare set of big ends, mains & rings. 

Oh well, that's a job for next weekend...

Selection of snaps of the weekends frolicks.

27th - 28th July, Inaction.

Erm, didn't do much on Saturday because ...<Spag thinks of an excuse> ..  I had to do some important PC type stuff to ensure continued 'quality' web updates (OK I scraped XP back off so my 95B machine would still work, bloomin XP doesn't support 3dfx 3500TV cards which means no video capture !!). Also accidentally got involved in some beer consumption.

On Sunday we actually made a 1/2 arsed attempt to carry on with the strip & rebuild of the engine, however fate seemed to be conspiring against us. Firstly, the Spagley propulsion labs (read shed) seemed to have turned into some sort of solar powered kiln making progress very uncomfortable, as a result we limited our activity to finishing the stripping of the engine. With the engine in manageable chunks it was moved in to the relative cool of the kitchen so that the bits could be checked. Oooh (technical term) the main bearings have definitely suffered and two of the big end journals on the crank are stuffed... Seems like the bits of piston ring did quite a bit of damage, so the spare crank needs to be found for the rebuild - when it's a bit cooler !!

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