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10th - 11th August, BUM - rethink.

No V8 Doris at Mini In The Park :-(

Measured up the spare crank to find that the mains are a few thou undersize, this means that my spare set of standard bearings won't fit (no, I won't just bung some orange goop in the gap!). This kind of stops the rebuild in it's tracks. 

Revised plan is to leave the engine out a bit longer and replace the gearbox seals. And maybe see if I can blag the set of test diff gears from Damian so I can 'test' them :-)  Hmm, 3000rpm at 80mph is just what the doctor ordered. Well that and a straight jacket.

Following the evil paint reactions the last Superlite got hit with a full bottle of Nitromors, several sheets of wet & dry, and about 1000 gallons of hot water to eradicate any last trace of bubble causing stuff. Several thick coats of white primer later and no signs of any reaction (yet). Not trusting this wheel very much I think I will leave it for a week just to make sure it's stable now ! 


17th - 18th August, Mini In The Park.

Went camping, got hit in the face with a radio controlled car, drank lots, looked at lots of cars (including Andy's splendid V8 van - more pics soon).

Spent 00.00 on bits !!!

However... on the way up we kind of saw another Mini for sale........Check for more info!

22nd - 23rd August, FAME (I wanna live forever)

Not even finished the V8 project when on Thursday I get this unsolicited email via the website..

I've just been checking out your website and I would like to talk to you  about a project I am working on for Discovery. Thunder Races is an  engineering challenge programme that pitches three teams of the nations top mechanics against each other to adapt and modify an old banger into a fire breathing thoroughbred. The challenge for the third programme in the series is to place a V8 engine into a doner car with an engine size of 1 litre or less.

So thinking that they wanted some tech info or summat I sent a mail back with my number and within 5 mins the phone was ringing.

Format for the show is 800 budget to buy suitable small car with style and convert into a 'stylish custom monster' in 2x 12hour sesions with a 3 mile race at the end. Ideally they want teams that have done something similar, or who have a suitable motor/engineering background to make sure they end up with a good race (or flaming fireball - though the researcher seemed a bit unhappy when I suggested this)

Turned out they were trying to get teams together for this challenge, and was I interested in making a team - only problem being that it is being filmed next Tue, Wed & Thur.

Hmm, nice one for them to drop on me at 4:30pm on Thursday! So spent most of the evening madlly emailing & phoning people who would 'Love to, but need a bit more notice'. But then there were a couple of 'bite yer hand off' keen types with the right skills (& mentality)

Old Mini lister, Paul Tucker, who stumbled into our campsite at MITP with copious
quantities of 'alcohol', and Tony C a V8 friend

One team is + and the other 'secret team' is from some accademic establishment.

Question is can we actually bung together in 24hours something I haven't managed in 18 months ;-)

We're all doomed, but if we can find a Mini to convert then it will be an ideal time to use Peter Wood's line ' The Roughest V8 Mini Deathtrap In The World' !!!!!!

30th August, New V8 Monster !!!

Well after three of the longest, hardest and most enjoyable days, we have created a monster... see 


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