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5th July, Hot Testing !

On the run back from the Bromley Pageant last week Doris seemed to be running a bit hot with the water temp into the 90's associated with a bit pf power loss. That sort of temperature shouldn't be terminal, and there didn't seem to be any loss of coolant, so I am guessing that the temperature under the bonnet may be upsetting things.

The power loss wasn't that nasty jerky misfire that you get from fuel starvation or an dodgy LT ignition connection,  it felt more like a weak spark from low battery voltage, even though it was showing 13.8V at the time.

Seeing as these problems only seem to occur on exceptionally hot days I am drawn to the conclusion that the stinking great V8 is possibly making the engine bay a bit warm, possibly overheating the coil or Lumenition module. So with this in mind a couple of vents were hurriedly bodged into the back of the bonnet to encourage a bit of airflow .

Obviously the next important step was to drive the car hard to see if things would overheat and cause the power loss. A quick 60 to 70mph (honest) along 15 miles of dual carriageway, then back again only overheated the passenger - who complained that she could feel the heat of the floor through her trainers !! Water temp was up to 90 with no sign of power loss :-)

However, as we got back to Spagley HQ I noticed that the brake pedal had a bit of extra travel and there was a nice clicky noise from the front of the car.

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6th July, Can't go out to play :-(

The plan was to take Doris over our to Lydden Hill racing circuit for a classic car show and race day but after a quick check and a bit of spannering it was decided that the front passenger wheel bearing was decidedly ill. It would have probably been ok for the 50 mile round trip, but the starter motor decided to just click at me instead of grinding the V8 into life. I think Doris was trying to tell me something !

20th July, Action, oil cooling

Replaced the starter, fixed the wheel bearing and changed the CV while I was in there.

Then decided to lob on a nice big oil cooler, as there wasn't really enough plumbing under the bonnet ;-)

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27th July, More Zorsts!

In a burst of activity I have rebuilt the exhausts again, they sound dead sexy now !!

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