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2nd - 3rd August, Southern Mini Days !!!!!

It was hot, Doris got groped, we met Mad Frank and the Belgian Beast, entered in the Top 40 Mini competition, entered in the Loudest Exhaust, and walked around with a tent.

Full story with pics & vids


16th - 17th August, Mini In The Park.

Trailer trouble, more mad Belgians, scary drinking, scarier photos and lots of friendly visitors for Doris. 

Be brave and see the full report & pictures !


23rd - 31st August, Odd bits.

Did a little tinkering, replaced the bog chain on the flip front and  changed the oil & filter.

Then I decided to be brave and fit a Facet Redtop fuel pump between the tank and the injection pump to see if this will stop the injection pump vapour locking when the petrol starts to get warm.

Went out for a little potter to check the pumps were working OK, and Elaine accidentally videoed me starting off and driving exactly 1/8 of a mile. Subsequent analysis of the tape shows that despite a slow take off and a gentle uphill road Doris took 10 secs. I wonder if that's any good ;-)

Click for pics & vid

We also 'accidentally' acquired Annie


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Diy fuel injection by MEGASQUIRT

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