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1st - 5th October, ***** WEBSITE DOWN !!!!! ****.

For some unknown reason (coffee tipped in the server, or maybe rats eating the cables) the server spagweb.com lives on was off line for a few days at the start of the month :-(

Hopefully our regular visitors put on some calming music and sat patiently with a nice cup of tea while waiting for normal service to be resumed  ??

18th - 19th October, Action. Subframe stuff.

Due to general crustyness and slightly floppy radius arms, a new rear subframe has been being built up over the course of a couple of months, waiting for the big 'change over'.

To prevent the old bolts from shearing I had purchased some 'lucky' repair panels for the heel board (working on the assumption that if you buy bits 1/2 the time you won't need them...). Their magic charm didn't work that well as a bolt at each side sheared, but at least I had the panels ready to use !

After the new bits were welded on the rear part of the boot floor got chopped out so that I could replace it with a nice solid 2mm panel with a sort of folded down scoop thing to shift air up from under the car towards the boot lid - where the new radiator will live.

Click for boot / subby type pictures

25th October, Action. More subframe stuff.

Spent a couple of hours under the car with Elaine, Lynne and a trolley jack (ooh err!). 

Despite the fact that I had replaced all the panels with mounting holes, the subframe bolted on with only the mildiest wiggling and assistance from the FBH (fairly big hammer).

We also removed the flourescent orange 13" Superlites and stuck on the 'winter' 12" matt black Wellers. 


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