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1st - 2nd November, Action. Boot Rad things.

The original plan had been to mount the radiator to the boot floor with the fans bolted behind, then to fit cowling from the radiator to the boot opening to make sure that no hot air would get sucked back through. I had marked out the bits of the boot lid that could be cut out , leaving the number plate in position, and retaining the internal diagonal rib things. However... 

After further investigation it looked like it would be easier to mount the fan cowling direct to the boot lid, then mount the radiator to that. With the whole lot hanging from the boot lid, it should be possible to open the lid to show off the beer keg - as long as it all fits through the hole, and some flexi pipes can be arranged !!!

Mr Grinder came out to play, and the boot lid was butchered with total disregard for the earlier markings, then the fans were temporarily cable tied in place, then the radiator got the tie treatment. With a bit of adjustment the whole lot would swing freely open and closed, so for an idea of how it could look a grill was fashioned from a spare chunk of garden mesh!

With the basic design sorted out I welded some brackets for the radiator  to the boot lid, I used 20mm box section because the rad will be quite heavy when full of water! Then it only took a couple of hours to cut the fiddly cowl shapes from 1mm sheet and weld them to the fan assembly.

Boot lid rad pics


15th - 16th November, Action. Keg-Tech fuel tank.

At last I have got round to finishing the beer barrel fuel tank conversion. I thought it was all OK, but then realised that without a fuel gauge, there is always the possibility of running out. 

So... I took the grinder to the previous pipe connections and added a second fuel pickup pipe. This one if about 70mm shorter that the 'proper' pickup pipe. The plan is to have a tap valve thing to switch between the hi and low pickup, so if I remember to set it the right way I can run out of fuel on the high pipe, then switch to the low pipe for the 'reserve' fuel.

Then... I decided to add another pipe connection for a vent pipe as the petrol cap is non vented! With the plumbing sorted I used a couple of 65mm exhaust U bolts to clamp the fuel pump onto the neck of the barrel until I work out some other sort of bracketery for it.

Last thing to sort out was a method of fixing the tank down, in the end I decided to use some strips of steel to make straps to hold it down. These loop around some box section that supports the rear of the tank, then bolt down at the front end  to what was the rear seat base.

With the tank in place and a bit of daylight left, it seemed rude not to wire up the fans and take a short bit of video of them in action :-)

Beer Keg Fuel Tank











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