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With the old Spagshed getting a bit tired, and the 'overflow' into the garden not being entirely attractive a plan was put into effect to create what could only be described as 'Spagshed2'.

So, a little research was done to see what was allowed, and this is part of the email from the nice man at the local council...

"As long as the shed is more than five metres away from the rear of the property, doesn't stand higher than, 3metres with a flat roof or 4metres with a pitched roof, and also doesn't exceed more than 50% of your rear garden, this development can be done without the need for planning."

Hmm, so we could get away with a 2 story barn that covers 1/2 the garden then!!! However, some sort of logic prevailed and we settled on something a bit more discrete :-)




shed_001.jpg (113659 bytes)

shed_032.jpg (110890 bytes)


Dismantlage of the old shed started on April 6th and took 2 evenings, then the construction started on April 8th...

shed_002.jpg (106174 bytes) shed_008.jpg (115324 bytes) shed_011.jpg (63305 bytes)

shed_013.jpg (107810 bytes) shed_017.jpg (89722 bytes) shed_021.jpg (100854 bytes)

And at the end of the day  we had somewhere to hide from the weather :-)

shed_024.jpg (111373 bytes)


The doors & walls went on the next morning.

shed_026.jpg (108563 bytes)


Then over the  following weekend  the fixtures & fittings went on (see the shiny doorknob!)

 shed_033.jpg (103871 bytes) shed_034.jpg (104907 bytes) shed_035.jpg (107629 bytes)


Easy access, loads of room for junk, and plenty of indoor space to work on things

shed_036.jpg (82893 bytes) shed_038.jpg (92186 bytes) shed_040.jpg (87558 bytes) shed_042.jpg (69837 bytes)


Now we just need to get some turf down (or maybe just Hammerite the mud green ?).

shed_031.jpg (107883 bytes)

May 06