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Trailer 1


Quick conversion of a 60 trailer from Ebay into the beginnings of a trailer.

The caravan had previously been used as a playroom, but as it had been sitting in someone's garden unused for about 5 years it was looking a bit scabby. So we hid it on a somebody else's drive ;-) 

300001.jpg (42164 bytes) 300002.jpg (45501 bytes) 300003.jpg (41258 bytes)

Externally, it was sort of off white, with pinky paint in places and interesting green slime.

300004.jpg (46592 bytes) 300005.jpg (44428 bytes) 300006.jpg (41869 bytes) 300007.jpg (43089 bytes) 300009.jpg (49818 bytes)

While inside it was a mix of orange and red.

300008.jpg (49258 bytes) 

First the glass came out

300011.jpg (51287 bytes) 300012.jpg (50296 bytes)

Then the interior and the floor....

300014.jpg (44094 bytes) 300010.jpg (47595 bytes) 300013.jpg (50490 bytes) 300016.jpg (45432 bytes) 300018.jpg (42628 bytes)

After that Elaine started chopping big chunks out of the walls with the jigsaw.

300020.jpg (47512 bytes) 300023.jpg (42931 bytes) 300025.jpg (47066 bytes) 300026.jpg (46181 bytes)

This seemed to affect the structural integrity a bit.

300027.jpg (45647 bytes) 300029.jpg (46391 bytes) 300030.jpg (50770 bytes) 300032.jpg (44639 bytes)

Allowing the remains of the shell to be separated from the chassis, which was then shortened.

300033.jpg (43839 bytes) 300034.jpg (49136 bytes) 300036.jpg (49366 bytes)

Leaving quite a large pile of caravan in the garden, ready to take to the tip !

300035.jpg (50255 bytes) 300037.jpg (49663 bytes)



Aug 2003