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The Garden


A spot of 'extreme' gardening to get things tidied up, April 07.

Messy fence and manky trees at the bottom of the garden.

001_garden.jpg (225833 bytes) 002_garden.jpg (347938 bytes)

A day later, no trees, just a pile of ash ;-)

003_garden.jpg (235562 bytes) 004_garden.jpg (314191 bytes)

A day after that a new fence was up.

006_garden.jpg (275134 bytes) 005_garden.jpg (264246 bytes)

Shuttering in place ready for the level of the garden to be raised at the back of the garage.

009_garden.jpg (239722 bytes) 010_garden.jpg (263884 bytes) 011_garden.jpg (277277 bytes)

Front garden chopped back .

007_garden.jpg (250428 bytes) 008_garden.jpg (258094 bytes)


Now onto the heavy stuff, digger & Dumper on hire for a week starting 13/04/2007 !!!

103_digging.jpg (212663 bytes)

First a bit of a practise in the back garden. Knowing there was machinery in the garden, Neil came over to play :-)

101_digging.jpg (251059 bytes) 102_digging.jpg (206888 bytes)

Then onto the real job of digging out the front garden for more parking...

104_digging.jpg (209136 bytes)

Elaine and the dumper, bring front garden to the back...

105_digging.jpg (229584 bytes) 106_digging.jpg (230045 bytes) 107_digging.jpg (284627 bytes)

The garden roughly levelled to the height of the drive, the next job was to take another 6 or 7 inches out (Oh er!)

 109_digging.jpg (196284 bytes)

Elaine doing the final digging, and posing for the camera ;-)

110_digging.jpg (274397 bytes) 112_digging.jpg (175090 bytes) 111_digging.jpg (252073 bytes)

 Pretty flat and mostly the right depth too - hooray for ladies with diggers!

113_digging.jpg (257052 bytes) 114_digging.jpg (273723 bytes) 115_digging.jpg (246880 bytes) 116_digging.jpg (210085 bytes)

Slap down a bit of membrane to help prevent weeds (and the whole drive sinking), then add 20T of Type1 crushed granite.

117_digging.jpg (176298 bytes) 118_digging.jpg (265632 bytes)

It took about a day to get the stone spread, levelled and compacted, but then it was a driveway :-)

119_digging.jpg (228157 bytes) 120_digging.jpg (201854 bytes) 121_digging.jpg (154864 bytes) 122_digging.jpg (232617 bytes)

Back garden finally levelled with the addition of about 30T of soil, plus a bit of decking at the change in level. There is a cunning plan to hide 1000l of rainwater collection under there at some point...

124_digging.jpg (231435 bytes) 125_digging.jpg (242619 bytes)126_digging.jpg (265347 bytes) 127_digging.jpg (262023 bytes) 128_digging.jpg (206066 bytes)

Finally while we hade the skip, the stupid roofless conservatory (dogatorium) came down making a more useable space...

123_digging.jpg (199123 bytes)


A few pics of the stoopid brave Robin that became addicted to the sound of the digger in his quest for worms...

153_robin.jpg (119988 bytes) 152_robin.jpg (84277 bytes) 151_robin.jpg (163901 bytes)


Sneaking some water storage under the decking...


Buy a  water container, about 1000l should do.

202_tank.jpg (229159 bytes)

Stick your significant other in a hole (you can help too to prevent serious disputes!)

204_tank.jpg (240051 bytes) 205_tank.jpg (228071 bytes) 206_tank.jpg (235279 bytes)

When the hole is the right size, then lower the tank in by whatever precarious method you can invent.

207_tank.jpg (253235 bytes) 208_tank.jpg (236618 bytes) 209_tank.jpg (219979 bytes)

Remember to check the deck will fit back on!

210_tank.jpg (223810 bytes) 211_tank.jpg (198983 bytes) 212_tank.jpg (218296 bytes)

And when the lid is back on - remember to finish painting it ;-)

213_tank.jpg (263621 bytes)